What Are Warning Tags?

Warning tags or red tags are issued on any piping system or appliances that work using natural gas when a hazard issue has been identified. Warning tags are placed on furnaces when a damaged heat exchanger is found, which can be extremely hazardous as it gives out carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can result in major health issues if it is not dealt with. It can instantly mix with the blood and deplete the blood’s ability to transport oxygen. If this harmful gas is leaking from a broken heat exchanger, there is a possibility it can mix with the air coming out of the furnace and spread in your home. For safety measures, a red tag is placed on the furnace, your local utility provider is informed, and your supply of natural gas is cut off.

There are two types of red tags on a furnace: type A and B. If a technician has recognised a carbon monoxide leak and considers that it can pose an immediate danger, your furnace is red tagged with type A and your natural gas is turned off immediately. However, if the furnace does not seem dangerous for the homeowner, a red tag of type B is issued and the local utility is notified. A type B warning tag offers the customer forty-five days to have the furnace replaced or repaired.

What Can You Do?

To prevent warning tags, you should clean your indoor vents and change the filters on furnaces regularly. Make sure that there is no debris hindering the airflow to your outdoor units before you turn them on. You should replace the batteries and check the temperature with a thermometer instead of the thermostat for accuracy.

If you have received a red tag, you need to contact an authorized HVAC contractor immediately to examine your equipment as natural gas can be dangerous and dealing with it requires extreme caution. While in some situations the hardware can be repaired, in more severe cases, you will need to replace it.

How Can We Help You?

Our experienced and licensed technicians will perform an assessment of your furnace and provide you an honest and professional opinion. We approach all jobs keeping safety in mind and making it a priority. We can provide you with a skilled gas fitter who will come out and examine the problem and provide you with a written quote. Upon your acceptance of the quote, we will immediately start repairing your furnace and bring it back to safe operating conditions. When the issue is resolved, we take off the Warning Tag or Red Tag and bring all the documentations to our office, from where we notify the gas company that the problem has been fixed and the furnace can function properly. We provide them our license numbers, and if your gas has been turned off, we will get it turned back on for you.