Why Replace A Furnace?

Toronto Brampton Vaughan HVAC are specialists in furnace installation and replacement. Whether you need to have a furnace replaced or installed, we have the solution for you.

Sometimes a furnace breaks down beyond repair, and there is no choice but to purchase a new unit. As furnaces last 15 to 20 years, it is highly likely that the same furnace is not on the market anymore. The newer the furnace, the most likely it has energy saving technologies and are more efficient. The most common furnaces are natural gas furnaces and they have the longest life when compared to oil furnaces.

The cost to install/replace a furnace highly depends on where your furnace is located. Sometimes extra duct work is required to install your furnace effectively.

Furnace Installation Efficiency

There are many types of furnaces out there and the higher the cost, the more efficient the furnace is. Furnace heat output is measured in a unit called BTUs. Usually 60,000 BTUs is enough to heat an average sized home. For smaller homes, it is wise to get a furnace that has a lower level of BTU. The reason being is that a furnace with higher BTUs will make your house reach the ideal temperature very quickly and this will cause the furnace to keep going on and off, making it less efficient.

In regards to efficiency, modern furnaces are usually more than 90% efficient. Some furnaces currently on the market can go up to a maximum of 95%. In contrast,older furnaces only go up to 80% efficient. You could be losing a lot of energy by having an older furnaces as heat is just being wasted.

If you are looking to have a furnace installed or replaced, give us a call and we will be able to provide you a competitive quote.