Toronto Brampton Vaughan HVAC provides world class furnace repair services to the Greater Toronto Area. No matter what problem your furnace has, we can repair it. There are many things that can go wrong with a furnace which is why you need a certified and proven professional to help. As a trusted source for emergency repair services, customers count on us to get the job done and we strongly believe in giving you the very best.

To get an idea on what types of problems your furnace may have, check out the list below:

Unclean Filters

Clogged or dirty air filters only reduce the airflow, which makes the furnace work harder to deliver heat. The limit switch can be overworked this way and get damaged.

Broken Thermostat

The most disappointing but common problem observed by users is that their thermostat becomes useless and does not provide the control they need.

Insufficient Heating

If the furnace is too small for the place which it is being placed in to keep warm, the customer will not be satisfied by its performance.

Noise in Operation

Strange and displeasing sounds during the operation of the furnace like squeaking and rattling are unusual. This erratic sound pattern could mean that the furnace is facing a mechanical problem, which may be a clogged burner or reduced airflow.

Ignition and Control Problems

A fault with the ignition may cause problems in starting the furnace and cause irritation to the consumer. The temperature control can also malfunction, which may be due to a damaged thermocouple or air draft in the appliance.

Periodic Wear and Tear

It is natural for the furnace to accumulate dust over time, which reduces the airflow. This reduced overflow may start causing the furnace to overheat. The control mechanism which is used frequently can also run out of its life and cause operation of the furnace difficult or, in extreme cases, impossible.

Blower Never Stops

The blower is controlled by the limit switch. If it is not turning off, it might mean that the limit switch needs replacement.

Red Tag on Furnace

Has your furnace been red tagged? Find out what a red tag is and what you need to do here.

Our Furnace Repair Services

We offer on the spot emergency furnace repair services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Vaughan. Our crew is always ready to report to your call any time of the day. Ensuring client satisfaction is our greatest concern which is why strive for perfection. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced contractors who are always ready to help you and bring comfort back to your life. Your satisfaction is guaranteed if you choose to hire us to help fix your furnace. Our technicians are honest and skilled, and transparency is part of our working policy. So what are you waiting for? Give Toronto Brampton Vaughan HVAC a call today!