“Toronto Brampton Vaughan HVAC had saved us during a very cold winter when no other hvac contractor would answer our calls. We had a large ice storm and our furnace somehow broke down. My wife and I were home at the time with our two kids and we are very scared. After talking to a friend who gave us this company’s number, we decided to give them a call. Within the next hour they were at our house and one hour after that they were gone.  Thank you so much for the quick and prompt service.”- Jesse M., Toronto

“Last winter my furnace was making very strange noises and I was quite worried something dangerous would happen. I gave Toronto Brampton Vaughan HVAC a call and they asked me a few quick questions. They told me to turn off my furnace right away and wait for them to get on site.I learned after that if I had kept the furnace running, it could have caused major problems. Once they were on site, they were very polite and respectful and they managed to get the problem fixed very quickly.”- Samantha S., Richmond Hill/Vaughan

“It was just a few months ago, I remember asking my wife how come the house was getting so hot. I went down to check my AC unit and realised that the air was not coming out cool. At the time outside temperatures were more than 30 degrees Celsius and I knew I had to call an AC repair company as soon as possible. After a simple search online, I found TBV HVAC and they came within 2 hours to fix my problem. Thankfully everything went smooth and I would definitely recommend them to my friends.” Marco S., Brampton